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    Folsom Grom MTB Series
    Logo "grom" (noun.)
    The shortened form of grommet,
    also describing a young mountain biker
    who tears it up on the trails.

The Folsom Grom MTB Series is coordinated by Clint and Jennifer Claassen with TimeYourRace.
This three-week, Friday night series is a place where youth mountain bikers ages 8 - 14 years old can to learn how to race in a safe, fun environment.

A huge thanks to our supporters:

Race Dates

Races will be held on Friday afternoons:
April 29, 2016
May 6, 2016
May 13, 2016

Start area for the Folsom Grom MTB Series

Part of the race course at the Folsom Grom MTB Series
Part of the race course at the Folsom Grom MTB Series
Part of the race course at the Folsom Grom MTB Series

Start Times and Categories

Age is based on how old a grom will be on December 31, 2016.
Racers Must be
Ready to Preride
Race Start Time Category
3:30 pm 4:00 pm Boys 8 - 10
4:15 pm 4:45 pm Boys 11 - 12
5:00 pm 5:30 pm Girls 11 - 14
Girls 8 - 10
5:45 pm 6:15 pm Boys 13 - 14

This series is designed to help groms learn how to race safely, so there will be a mandatory pre-race meeting and scouting lap 30 minutes prior to each race. Racers should arrive plenty early to check-in at registration, make sure their bike / helmet / gear is ready to race by the start of the meeting.

Race meetings will be lead by Race Director and Pro Mountain Biker, Clint Claassen.

Racers will race for approximately 25 minutes, and we will adjust how many laps they do based on how long it takes to do the first lap. There will be giant lap cards that tell racers how many laps they have remaining.

Pre-register online by 6:00 pm on Thursday night, and the cost is only $20, or pre-register for the whole series for only $50. A family with more than one grom racer gets a $5 discount on the 2nd (3rd, 4th!) racer. Please note that all racers are charged the regular online price, and sibling discounts will be rebates at the race. If you wait to register your grom at the race venue, the price will be $5 higher.

Any grom who is interested in racing should register, attend the pre-race meeting, and try the scouting lap. If (s)he does not feel comfortable racing at this point, we will happily refund the entry fee.

Cheering and supporting all groms is strongly encouraged! So much so, that Mike's Bikes in Folsom has ordered custom cowbells for the first 100 parents to sign up their groms.
(I gotta fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell.)

Please Note: If a grom races in the NorCal High School Cycling League, we ask that (s)he limit involvment with this race series to cheering on other groms! NorCal racers are big-time, and this series is designed to help newer groms gain the skills and confidence needed to reach that level!


All races will be held at Folsom Point State Recreation Area.
Directions to the Race

Please note there is a $12 daily parking fee if you do not have a State Parks Annual Pass.

Parents should park on the main boat ramp at Folsom Point, and there is a road that leads to the area where the races will be held.

There will be a slightly different race course each week

Race Courses

Each week will feature a slightly different course on the multi-use trails at Folsom Point.

Date Course Color
on Map
Direction Distance
April 29 Blue Counter Clockwise .45 Miles
May 6 Yellow Clockwise .66 Miles
May 13 Red Counter Clockwise .75 Miles

Prepping for the Races

If your grom has never raced before, or if it's been a while since a trained mechanic has looked over your grom's bike, we strongly recommend you have the bike inspected!

Folsom Bike is a huge supporter of youth cycling in our area, including their Folsom Bike Jr. Development Team. Their professionally trained bike mechanics have offered to do FREE bicycle inspections for any grom racing in this series. Just take the bike (and your grom's helmet!) to their store on Folsom-Auburn Road, let them know you're racing in the Folsom Grom MTB Series. They will do a free evaluation to make sure the bike is safe to race, and will confirm the helmet has not expired (yes, helmets expire since the protective material breaks down over time!).

Folsom Bill can make sure your grom's bike is race-ready

VersaCare EMS is donating their time to provide standby EMS
Happy Trails Mechanical Support, in conjunction with Folsom Bike, is donating their time to provide mechanical support


Given the fact that this series is designed to help youth learn how to race mountain bikes, safety is at the core of what we're putting together - but we can't do it alone. Below are some safety-related areas that we're addressing, along with the issues that we need our groms to to know about!

Personal Responsibility
We can take every safety precaution under the sun - but none of that will matter if groms are not paying attention and making their safety (and the safety of those around them!) the #1 priority. We will go over this in the pre-race meeting, but please emphasize to your grom that they need to ride with their heads up, and be aware of who/what is around them.

It should go without saying that anytime someone (not just a grom!) is riding a bike, that person should be wearing a buckled helmet. Please note that we said "anytime someone is riding a bike"... not just during the actual race!

Course design
The race course is designed with 8 - 14 year old groms in mind, and it is marked by 4-foot tall plastic step-in stakes and caution tape. There should not be any confusion about where the course goes.

Course marshals
We will have course marshals with radios stationed on various parts of the course, as well as "roving" course marshals on bikes during each race.

Standby medical services
A huge thanks to Renee Roberts and her team at VersaCare EMS for volunteering their time at our series! VersaCare EMS is uniquely equipped to provide professional emergency medical services that can be set-up at virtually any location. It is always our hope that they set-up their medical tent and end up being bored with no one to help! But knowing they're available to respond at a moments notice is huge for our peace of mind.

Bike mechanic services
As we mentioned in the section about Prepping for the Race, groms should have their bikes and helmets looked over BEFORE arriving at their first race. But if anyone has a last-minute bike crisis, Pete Tipshus with Happy Trails Mechanical Support will be on hand to get your grom rolling again. If you take advantage of his help, please send a little love his way since he donates his time, skills and supplies to support these races.


Each racer will receive a custom mountain bike plate to be used throughout the series. This series will be professionally chip timed, and we will have a short awards ceremony at the conclusion of each category of racing. (No waiting around until the end of the night!) The following recognitions will be awarded:

Lap Awards
Small, round "lap" stickers will be awarded to all racers -- one for each lap completed.
These can be applied as badges of honor to the helmet (like a football helmet!), to the bike... or wherever else.

Place Awards
1st - 10th place stickers go on the designated section of your custom mountain bike plate.
At the end of the series, champion shirts will be awarded to the top five racers in each category. Series standings will be based on all three races. A huge thanks to Mike's Bikes in Folsom for covering the costs of these shirts for our groms!

Awards will celebrate all racers